Back Your Future


The Challenge

​ICEA LION believes in the power of human potential and in giving the youth a fighting chance, they built an integrated digital campaign that communicates one thing- ICEA LION will invest in you.

​As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, " The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams". However, decades of data have proven that the biggest obstacle for the youth in achieving their dreams is regularly investing in themselves. In a world where everyone is online, how would ICEA LION Group assist the youth in investing in their dreams?

Insight & Strategy

​Inspired by the fact that we have a responsibility to help our youth grow and protect their wealth in order to attain the life they deserve, ICEA LION Group created a campaign that comprised of one on one messaging on social media to give the youth regular, personal and real-time advice as well as creating a microsite that connected them to some of Kenya's most successful professionals. The ultimate platform to view and learn from the conversations on growing and protecting wealth from real experts in different professions.

The Results

​The campaign has had over 1 Million impressions, generated 100,000 engagements and reached 200,000 in website views. By providing the youth with access to information on growth and protection of wealth, ICEA LION group ultimately gave them the extra tools they need in order to one day become extraordinary individuals in society.​

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