Ghana Post GPS

Jack Where Are You?


The Challenge

The government of Ghana mandated the Ghana Post Company Limited to champion the National Digital Property Addressing System. Ghana Post was seen as old and inefficient government institution, just for posting letters. It had lost trust with the people. As a result there was very low awareness of other services they provide and business was going to competitors such as FedEx and DHL who were seen as more progressive and efficient. Local small courier and delivery services were leveraging this at the companyʼs expense. There were complaints of parcel thefts and non-deliveries. Revenue growth YOY was insignificant.

Ghana Post needed to change this perception, plus introduce their latest innovation the GhanaPostGPS, the National Digital Addressing System app, the one thing that would rebuild trust and help it to win in the E-commerce delivery space. This is planned to set the company on a trajectory to hit over 25% in revenue growth in 2018 and position the company as Ghana’s one and only efficient postal and courier service provider.

Insight & Strategy

The idea of a digital addressing system is still novel in Ghana. People havenʼt come to terms with a good addressing system yet to speak of going into digital addressing. People had become comfortable with the status quo and resigned themselves to giving directions using landmarks, itʼs just the Ghanaian way.

With Smartphone adoption at 27% and mobile internet pentration at 45% (Oct. 2017 GSM Association report) we needed to get this connected audience to accept it quickly and become the advocates to driving a new smart economy. So even though this was a product for every Ghanaian, we needed early adopters to be aware first, understand it and how it works, download and engage with the system on a daily basis.

The strategy employed was disruption to bring the problem to the fore then we drove awareness of the solution, educated for understanding, drove downloads and promoted usage through a 360 degree campaign. The difference we brought to this was the engagement levels during the engineered PR and teaser phase where we brought the pain points to life in a very vivid way.

The Results

Over 170,000 downloads in first week.
#DigitalAddressSystem trended on week of launch.
Over 330,000 watched Facebook Live launch event.
Most downloaded app 2 weeks after launch.
Over 350,000 downloads end campaign vs target of 300,000.
82% Reach vs target of 80%.
3.8 million address searches through the app.
Increased revenue from 7% to 20% end 2017.

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