The King’s Stitch


The Challenge

Nigeria is a very diverse place with diverse culture and diverse people. However, when it comes to issues relating to sexuality, we tend not to be tolerant of this kind of diversity. Our society has put extreme laws in place inhibiting this kind of self-expression.

Being a brand that stands for freedom and authenticity, Budweiser needed a platform that gave Nigerian youth a voice to speak freely against a society that has constantly devised new ways to inhibit their self-expression.

The Solution

Using two of Nigeria’s most polarizing fashion designers, we created The King’s Stitch Collection – not just a fashion statement but a statement to the Nigerian society aimed at countering the age-old stereotypes that our youth are burdened with.

We launched with a video featuring Nigerian youth who embodied our cause. The video sparked instant conversation on social media inspiring our youth to choose their own label regardless of the label that society has branded them. We went on to co-create the pieces with real quotes from real people hand-stitched on each item.

The Results

The collection became a badge of pride for the marginalized, helping them share their stories and making them feel comfortable in who they are.

The campaign was met with resounding success as the collection sold out in a matter of days after the launch and for the first time in Nigeria, a brand started a conversation that many have been too cautious to speak about.

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